Saturday, 24 September 2011

Submissions Wanted for October

September /October 
Words are the start of Understanding and communications on which our World peace and well being pivots. though we may not be able to cure or make things better ,with words on here we can tell our stories raise awareness and help people identify with others in the same situation. 

September has had a fabulous response so far for Alzheimers Month and will continue until the end of September.
For October we will be highlighting Children and Childrens Charities with Poetry, Music and Words these can be about a particular charity or just about children.Children are the future they should be loved, protected and nurtured. Please Email me at  KEZ   or comment  below .


  1. What a fabulous photo!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, btw. It was lovely to 'meet' you there.

  2. thank you for pooping by, and for the compliment.

    as for your comment, my font really is small. i use the smallest font available for my posts.
    im not entirely sure why. i have a thing for minisculeness. and i dont like large fonts, or most anything in general....
    so youre not blind as a bat. im just too stubborn to use a font that people might actually be able to see.


If you have something to contribute please leave your details.All feedback is welcomed ..Thank you x