Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Waiting Room

My Past experience working in residential homes I met many Alzheimers and
 dementia patients who had been sedated and my impression were they were
 just waiting to die. I hope today things are more enlightened and patients are
 encouraged to participate in life.   

The Waiting Room

You sit in your red plastic seat,
Awaiting your destiny, one we will all meet,
You cling to your chairs wooden sides,
Your knuckles clenched                                                 
Only when the pain is really intense.

Your fibres hang on to your meagre frame,
When you catch sight of your own reflection,
You see how much you have changed,
The many folds of skin, the lack of hair,
You know inside you'll soon be there.

Around the rooms more chairs await,                                
For those who have lived and feel they are late,
For the place we are all going,                                                        
They have to survive in this state,                                                                              
Until it's their time to knock on heavens gate.


  1. Very nice...Greatly enjoyed reading this...You have yourself one who will be returning as you continue to write. I have followed your blog and have listed you in my Artist section for a link the same if possible...If not We will continue to speak.

  2. Such a pretty mind image, enjoyed it :)


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