Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Old Age Decanted

Old Age Decanted 

More vineyards
                                  Vines stand regimented in rows, 
Nurtured and tenderly  adored,
Shielded from harsh winds that blow, 
Until their fruits can be sweetly poured. 

Vines stand regimented in rows,
Older ones gnarled and twisted, 
Allowed grace and respect in age as they grow,
Curtailing their fruitfulness resisted. 

Kids queue regimented in school halls, 
Educated, loved with tender care. 
Soothed and calmed from any of lives falls ,
Until their lives can be independently shared. 

Old folk sit in regimented rows, 
In homes,
Older ones bitter and twisted, 
Allowed ,encouraged to survive in limbo,
Curtailing their lives,through inactivity,insisted !

Vintage wines kept, loved for an age, 
Yet people disregarded once in decline. 
Society should rebel in outrage, 
Value age currency,
Above that of fine wine! 

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