Monday, 19 September 2011

Memory Stick

Alan D Harris writes his stories and poetry based primarily upon the historical fictions of family and loved ones.  Most recently he has published in the 2011 summer edition of Candidum, Australia’s 2011 Chimaera, UK’s August 2011 Welcometowherever and the September 2011 edition of Healthy Artists.  Harris has received the 2011 Stephen H Tudor Scholarship in Creative Writing from Wayne State University.

Memory Stick 

I carry a memory stick
on a string
around my neck
My stick archives
1000 images
1,000,000 words

My stick helps me
remember who I am
who you are

My stick helps me
remember the first time
my child walked, talked
the last time
my grandpa laughed, cried

If I misplace my stick
I may forget
your name, my own

So archive my picture
on your stick
Mention the last time
you saw me laugh, cry

Carry me with you
until you forget
my name, your own
before your life
is but a frozen archive
on someone else’s
memory stick

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  1. its really sad to me how man became mechanized wit gadgets all around us.. nice write! tq for sharing.. my gooseberry..

  2. Simple and sweet!!

  3. this is very good and I enjoyed your closing carry me with you until you forget my name. It is sad and hope this one never happens.

  4. A great idea, and a wonderful poem!

  5. I wrote a memory stick poem too!!


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