Friday, 16 September 2011

Alzheimer Blues

Alzheimer Blues 

Picture By Jinksy 

I look into those baby blues to see 
I see you but you see me 
in some refracted history 
Times misplaced,displaced ,
Some times erased ,misplaced!

I look into your baby blues, 
I miss the twinkle,
Replaced by well earned wrinkles
That sprinkle your ivory skin,
Somewhere inside you are still within. 

I look into your baby blues to see,
I see you ,how do you see me ?
Your child ? your carer ?
Your memory sharer ?

I search those baby blues 
In my heart,I know deep,deep inside. 
My mother still resides, 
Inside, she cannot hide, 
I know those baby blues ! 

Submitted to In Tandem where the picture above was a prompt 


  1. The bad part is nobody knows what kind of awareness remains with the on who has the disease...
    A sobering offering for the Tandem...

  2. Alzheimers... I think I'd rather have cancer. Both are horrible and sad. I like how you approach it with "I look in to those baby blues..."

  3. Sometimes it seems a fruitless search to find the personality that once was.


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