Friday, 23 September 2011


Linda Rhinehart Neas wrote this poem for her mother who sadly suffered from Alzheimers she gave this to her mother a year before she died. Linda is a writer and teacher .

A Kiss for Baby Anne (no. 3) - Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt 1897

Before you disappear
into the rabbit hole of age,

Green, cat-eyes twinkling,
as secrets of womanhood rise,
in the wisdom of conversations
shared over tea
in the sacred realm of kitchen.

Before the Night of New Life
comes to rob us of the light of your smile,

Toil worn hands guiding
small, eager fingers in the craft
of pen and paper,
slowly forming the spell of words
that would release the magic
lying in wait among the book shelves.

Before Time’s thief steals away
the last, familial connection you greedily grasp,

New life, wrapped in heirloom splendor
cradled in your arms
as generations of yourself
surround with mews and coos,
the miracle that proves our existence
to all who fail to…


© 2007 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas

Read more about  Linda and her  writing at : Words From The Heart

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