Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Contemplation on Loss of Self

This Poem was written by Marian Veverka Inspired by a friend who has Alzheimers 

Contemplation On Loss Of Self
By Marian Vervaka

They say the sense of numbers is the first to leave.
Arithmetic and I were never on good terms.
All through grade school, I counted on my fingers.
Now, each entry in my check book is rounded off in zeros.
My children gave me a calculator, but I keep forgetting
About the batteries.

A little joke – it’s a relief to know my sense
Of humor is still here. But will I realize it
When the laughter slips away?

How many other powers disappear
When our backs are turned?
When we are busy living, dreaming, thinking
Of something else – how do we know
What has gone away, never to return?

Why do I startle awake from dreams
In which I am still a child?
What room is this? What house?
What strangers walk beside me?

They tell me my name is Lilian–
Touch me
Am I here? 

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