Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Give Him One More Chance

The following poem was written by Laura La Veglia Keku's Poetry to raise awareness for World Alzheimers Month 

Give Him One More Chance

He walks through metropolitan town granddaughter surgically attached to hip
Wandering aimlessly looking for lost and found
His mind is gone

Searching through rubble, archeologist he claims
Take peak in trash cans maybe you'll find me there
Catch me if you can, heard audibly in the wind
Baby don't cry, poppa will find his mind tomorrow

Clothes frail and thin, man in old folks home
Conversations with presidents, dignitaries, he gets to choose
Dinning with aristocrats, sits in formal way
Eyes roll up like tattered shades
They say he caught a fit that’s the conclusion

They give him pretty pills to eat at noon
He found his mind while dining
No grandchild to spend days with
Presidents don’t hob knob acting as guest
Neither famous archeologist can he claim

Give the man one more chance,cause he wishes he hadn't !

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