Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Poetic View Of Alzheimers

Many thanks to Suzanne who contributed this poem and this is her perception on Alzheimers 

A Poetic View Of Alzheimers 
 By Suzanne

I look out the window and all I can see
Are the birds beckoning to me
With their tuneful melody.
I don’t know this place
I don’t know those who come
To visit me.
They are just faces and voices
But I see how upset they become
Because I do not know them.
I have a room with a balcony
French windows
A balustrade.
The door is locked
Just in case
 I try to leave this place.
But I do think
It  would be, better for me
To go home.
The air is hot
I pick the lock.
Finally, I am free.
I am up here looking down on me.
It is beautiful
Bright and glowing.
What is all the fuss I say?
About dying
Except for those you leave behind.
They will think I fell in a daze
It is kinder that way
Then they can let go.
My life flashes by
But I am smiling and glad
And not at all sad.

Henri Matisse

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