Friday, 16 September 2011

The Cottage Around The Corner

This poem has been generously contributed by Judith Kavanaugh 
Judith Is a 46 year bipolar lady who has spent some time in 
a unit for geriatric care in Orange County .She is now moving 
on to more age appropriate care.
This poem is a tribute toDr Dupont and the carers and caregivers.

The Cottage Around The Corner

In Orange County those ravaged by the disease of dementia are blessed
by a cottage around every corner full of loving healing.
When Mom and Dad's memory starts to wax and and wane like lifes mysterious moon
Loving Aids are waiting to guide them back from horrifying fear to
the heroic spirit you once knew them to have.
So from Irvine to Mission Viejo look for
the Cottage around the corner with loving caregivers and
brilliant minds who study the way to relight the flame of vitality.
Dad will be helped to remember fishing exploits or great heroics
like when he took the training wheels of your bike.
All are welome in this spiritual sanctuary where mind and soul are one.
Though parting may be near we focus on spirit and living
and enjoying the beauty of the soul.
Mom and Dad may be imprisoned by their bodies and Dementias force but love
will find them always and we will draw them out and find the wonder
of their spirit. Our loving Giants
awaken them to their long away selves.
When you visit your delight at childhood stories and long ago memories outweigh
the sadness of the dark night of their soul.
With us their last years do not seem like ending but beginnings as
they find the parts and pieces stolen by dementias destruction
they become animated and endowed with life.
Dad will suddenly become clear and remind you of the racehorse he once owned.
And when the debt which cancels all others comes you will know
you gave your loved one a gift by finding
the Cottage around the Corner where there are no strangers
only new loved ones trained to help Mom and Dad stay positive
even when the sun goes down and life gets horrifying,
And Whatever your belief I have seen them
walk into the light of Jesus and God
though the eye of the needle gently
Without the rage of the ravaging disease that led you to
the Cottage Around the Corner


  1. A beautiful poem...heartfelt as should be...let us continue to pray for all those still struggling and thank those who carry the message to inspire hope in change...

  2. Such a wonderful poem! Irvine Cottages and Jacque Dupont are such a beautiful blessing to so many.


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