Saturday, 1 October 2011

Balance of Life

Balance Of Life

As I write this I can't help but think of the children and adults starving in Kenya and Somalia and ask if after reading my poem you will check out this link  Save the children thank you. 

Water is the fluid of life,
Too much ,
Too little,
Just enough we'll be alright!
Not enough, diseases breed, rife!

Water feeds our nations,
Too much,
Too little,
Just enough, nourishes us!
Not enough, promotes starvation!

Water feeds our soul,
Too much,
Too little,
Just enough, we play like fishes in a shoal,
Not enough, we perish in dust-bowls!

Water feeds our bodies,
Too much,
Too little,
Just enough, our bodies can perform
Not enough, we become malnourished zombies!

Water balances the earth,
Too much,
Too little,
Just enough, our environs flourish!
Not enough, we are thrown into a dearth!

Too much ?
Too little?
just a drop?
Is that enough ?


  1. Wow, your piece is written with the greatest of depth.

  2. lovely water poem,
    Glad to see you share.



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