Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Fairy Is Born

 I believe in childhood innocence and think it would be wonderful for all children to have the freedom to believe, a life free of trauma and stress so they could all believe in fairies dragons and good things !

A Fairy Is Born

                                        Blow the bubbles, 
And look carefully 
Can you see 
The delicate wing of a little fairy ?
For every time a bubble is created 

The mummy fairies giggle,all excited 

Cos they have waited and waited, 
For the magical soapy bubbles to be sighted !

Look at the bubbles can't you see 
ImageThe birthing of a tiny fairy 
      The rainbow colours dancing in the light 
Are the tiny wings of a little sprite!

So blowing bubbles isn't just for fun 
It's the start of a fairies life 
 That's only just begun 
So blow your bubbles and you will see 
The tiny delicate wings, 



  1. What a romp this was! Childlike and wondrous, this piece felt like playing in the park and loving every minute of it. Joy-filled. Thank you!

  2. Awwww how lovely. I always thought there was something magical about bubbles :)

  3. Kez, that was really nice. We have a new baby in the family- my sister's daughter- and I look forward to the time she's old enough for me to sit down with her and pass all the tales I've loved and have collected over the years- Yes Fairy Tales and Folk Lore were once "the thing" to teach and instill principles- it is sad that their importance has waned over the years- Obviously I love Lore, and thanks for this piece- it's precious- and what kid doesn't like blowing bubbles too- great connection/combination-:) Lovely piece

  4. A sweet write.... I love bubbles :)

  5. This is such a sweet and enduring poem...I'm having that eerie nostalgia that reminds me of when I was a child and my mother would sing me "silent night" when she tucked me in for bed. Man such good memories...Thank you for your wonderful post and giving me a most loved memory of my mother.

  6. Adorable poem, life-affirming words and just
    the cutest picture.

  7. Nice, I'm going to buy some bubbles now, :), lol, I love this great write, thank you, very much appreciated, WS


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