Sunday, 9 October 2011


I believe things good and bad that happen within our childhood can affect how we are as adults and how we inter react with others.  


The echoes from past times
Of mental and physical crimes,
Haunt the chains I have made
Since my childhood was betrayed,
Echoes interrupt my being,
Constantly in my head,
Like a film i'm seeing,
Played and replayed,
Always bubbling away
Waiting to invade.
Echoes beat in my heart,
Drowning the love you give me, 
Unless I rewrite my history, 
The echoes of the past 
Will destroy us
Shatter us like glass !
Shattered Glass Paintings
Picture by Zane Lewis

This is an entry for the Mookychick blogging competition, FEMINIST FLASH FICTION 2011. 


  1. Wow! thats beautifully sad, if that makes sense?

  2. Yes, the past shapes us into being who we are but, it doesn't have to make us what we become. as victims we can either remain victims or, we can take back our life, our power from those who abused by being stronger than our past. Let the past turn you into a much better person than the places you've been. The present and the future belong to no-one other than yourself.
    Very moving write and heartfelt too.

  3. shivers....i dont know that we can rewrite it but maybe make a bit of sense of it...and sometimes realise it is not our fault...the replaying of the movie reel i know that...

  4. Some of the truest words I've ever read. Unless we deal with our past it will destroy our future.

  5. I felt the pain in this loud and clear...powerful.

  6. Outstanding write Kez, absolutely love the piece. I love the metaphoric echo and everything in the piece from style, to language to visual structure really portrays the theme throughout the piece. Great job, thanks for the read

  7. this is an amazing ending and it would be hard to rewrite your history but looks like it is necessary in your case would not want to see you shattered like glass great image

  8. the unfolding of the rhyme added to the felt sense of an echo losing some of its previous form as it expands, nice underlay to the expression ~ Rose

  9. Painful how memory can haunt us. It never gives up. We never give it up.

  10. The past makes us who we are for sure, but we are complicated beings, and within all the sad, and often bad pieces, we find treasures which otherwise might not have been revealed.

  11. Fantastically sad, fantastically felt! Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful writing in 2012. Thanks for being such a beacon for all of us in 2011! Wishing you and yours the best of New Years!

  12. Cool piece. Love the movie idea and the way you used echoes here. Great job, Happy New Year

  13. Echoes is incredible, a perfect expression of what is currently seeming to churn round and round in my head. I wish I could express my own feelings as well as the author of this poem!

  14. There are echoes bad, there are echoes of laughter and joy. Our inheritance will be the strongest echoes.


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