Saturday, 1 October 2011

Child Prisoner Within

Dakota Is a Published Poet and lyricist she comes from Texas and has been writing since she was 17. 

By Dakota Williams          

i wish i could be a child again
free to run and play in the pouring rain
free to dance in the shadow of the night
free to explore the wonders of the world
free to daydream about my knight in shining armor
free to pretend i am a princess and he is a king
living high up on a mountain top's border
in an old english castle
free to explore the mysteries of my mind
without worry of life's little hassles
free to be me again like i was
when i was a young child, free
free to live in a fairy tale world
free to feel free from fear
free to feel free from danger
free to roam, free to go home when
the night drew near
free to know some one would be there
to love and protect me
from the cold winter rain
free to be just me again
free to eat like a king
and eat moon pies again
without gaining a single pound
free to talk to my make believe friend
who came to visit one lonely afternoon
to drink tea with me
free to be just me again like i was
when i was a child ,free
free to be anything
from a princess to cinderella
while wearing momma's pretty things
free to be a brave soldier fighting a war
and building a soldier's fort under momma.s
kitchen table
free to be a marilyn monroe starlet,
while wearing my big sister.s mink sable
free to dress like an indian maiden
and be captured by Bo the boy next door
free to be a tom boy
free to climb the tallest tree in the world
free to play spin the bottle and know i won.t
get coo-dees from kissin my cousin Charlie or
Bo the boy next door
free to swing high into the sky
from the school's playground swing
at L.K Hall Elementary
free to pretend to be an eagle
watching over the world
free to be me again like i was
when i was a child, free
free to cry tears again and have them wiped
from my face from someone who cares
free to be held in my mother's loving arms again
free to be protected from the evils of the world
free to walk hand in hand with my father again.

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  1. This poem was absolutely wonderful...Thank you for sharing, I very much enjoyed it. About a month ago I wrote a poem very similar to this,

    A child of ten with high hopes and large dreams
    Has nothing but love for all it so seems
    A child of twelve just wants to be alone
    Independence and distance he wants when hes home
    A child of 15 plays lacrosse with his friends
    Off to meet a girl for which he thinks the world
    A man of 17 is applying for college
    Enthusiastic with all of his knowledge
    A man of 19 gets droped off the last time
    At college alone, the child inside cries.
    He will be fine he will be strong
    I saw in his face that he still needed his mom.

  2. thank you very much Randy for popping over to read Child Prisoner Within, I appreciate sharing your poem too and I really like your poem - it is perfect and I love the ending.

  3. I want to thank the many who have stopped over for a visit to the Poetry Cause Blog- I appreciate it so very much- I do understand from some emails I have received from those who have tried to leave a comment and weren't able to. I do believe the problem is because you have to have a google plus account, for those who wish to get an invite to google plus, do send me an email through direct email (mailing list) facebook or myspace. Thank you again for stopping over and sharing with me through postings on facebook and through emails your kind words. However for those who wish to become a member of the Poetry Cause Page, I thank you for that too with all my heart, as I am sure Kaz the owner of this blog, will too. Dakota Williams

  4. Joke-Joanne Otten5 November 2011 at 10:51

    <><><> Love the poem , because it is strong and clear and for everybody to understand ! Well done dear Dakota <> Love 4ever your freind Joke-Joanne<><><>


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