Thursday, 7 June 2012

Friends Battle Cry

Friends Battle Cry 

Oh to be able to sail right through life  
To be able to soar high 
Like a dove high in the sky 
Oh what a life !

Oh For life to be full of sparkle and twinkles,
Never getting old with creases and wrinkles,
Oh what a life ! 

Oh how to play without soreness and pain,
Fall down and get up again and again, 
Oh what a life ! 

Oh how to have friends who are there, 
Who love you and show that they care, 
Oh that is life ! 

With friends in our life 
We will soar high 
Reach the stars in the sky 
They are our twinkles 
Caressing our wrinkles 
They will soothe our pains 
Help us up again and again,
A Band of friends. 
Is a love that never ends 

Meet Ali Ali is a little 5 year old  girl who has FOP a genetic conditions which effects 1 in 2 million people find out more about FOP and join Ali's Army here Ali's Army


  1. Lovely rhyming scheme and repeating line "Oh what a life" with friends it is~!!! Thanks friend...your daughter Ali is adorable...sending my love~ ps I have heard of these rare conditions and know there are scientists working on "nonsense gene" research...I had subscribed to this company and I heard that great inroads are being made...that and stem cell research, etc. I am trying to find the name of the company..just Google "nonsense genes" this may be of interest to you. If there is anything I can do to help; please let me know~

  2. Kez~ Aww thank you...I am Ali's mom, this was so sweet of you to do, I wish we had saw it earlier...please contact me via Ali's facebook page would love to speak with you...


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